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Replaced. . . | April 3, 2010

When I caught his brilliant, brown eyes,

I was fully stunned.

He smiled to me, saying somewhat neither I heard nor cared,

For my mind was full of him.

The following days were hard to remember

I was very busy; I spent a whole week to be a friend of his.

Then, after weeks, we did not a friend any more, we were best friend.

And in that point, I felt something different.

Something I had never felt…


I know it was not love;

It was no more than my first

Feeling of care

I know he were too young to say

I love you,

But he were not too young to say

I like you

And so he did

Someday after, when we did our ‘first date’, it was a total devastation.

None of us said that,

But I knew that he was bored and disappointed

Next ‘dates’ were better,

We talked, chatted, and laughed much.

But now, it was no more than a history,

A year after, we broke up,

Yesterday we got irate at each other,

Blamed each other

And I just let him went away,

Crying and swearing loudly

I stood still,

I was numb,

My first break-up and I just let him go on him own?

C’mon! You ought to go and comfort his,

My heart told me

I satiated…

I swore once and left the place

I kept ensuring myself that there was nothing I could do…

Yet, I felt guilty and depressed.

However I said to myself,

Hey, you have your own life!

You have your own future!

Relieved, I did not think about his any more,

Times changing, and I had forgotten his

Then one Tuesday, I saw he was walking in front of my house,

He was chatting merrily with his new girlfriend.

I could not help smiling, for my grandma’s wise words had just come into my mind

Love begins with smiles,

Grows with kisses,

And end with tears.

Grandma always says the truth,

I beamed reminiscently and took another glass of lemonade.


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